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How do I get Started?

You'll need a free Google™ account with Picasa™ web albums. Once linked, Wylio will automatically store the pictures you use in your Picasa™ web albums. If you have a Gmail address or your organization uses Google™ Apps, then you already have a Google™ account. Note: You can use any email address to set up a Google™ account. You don't need to switch to Gmail.

What does "Wylio" mean? How do you pronounce it?

The term "wylio" is Welsh for "to look at" or "watch." Internally we pronounce Wylio "why-lee-oh" but the Welsh pronunciation of "wylio" sounds more like "wheyleeoh." You can say it however you like; we probably won't get mad.

Can I search for CC "Commercial Use" images?

Yes. Actually, Creative Commons Commercial Use and public domain pictures are the only kinds of free pictures you can currently find through Wylio.

Where do the photos come from?

The free photos you find with Wylio come from public photo sharing sites. You're searching through millions of photos that have been designated as Creative Commons works by their owners/up-loaders. Though the vast majority are properly licensed, we don't guarantee the validity of the licenses since we can't control what people decide to upload. So be pragmatic when you decide what photo to use. If it's painfully obvious that "flickr_user_1234" isn't the copyright owner for that Coca-Cola logo they uploaded... don't use it.

Why aren't my photos showing up on Wylio?

If you've uploaded pictures to Flickr, but you haven't placed them under a Creative Commons license that allows commercial use, your pictures won't show up for people using Wylio. If you would like your pictures to show up in Wylio search results, make sure you've chosen a Creative Commons license that allows free commercial use.

Why are my photos showing up on Wylio?

If you've uploaded pictures to Flickr and placed them under a Creative Commons license that allows commercial use, you are legally giving permission to the public to use your pictures under certain terms. These are the types of pictures available through Wylio. If you don't want your pictures available through Wylio, make sure the license you've chosen for your uploaded pictures doesn't allow free public use.

Do I really have to attribute the pictures I use?

Yes. Giving the copyright holder credit is part of the deal when using a Creative Commons picture. If you don't want to list attribution credits for the pictures you use, you should consider purchasing licenses for pictures from a service like Shutterstock.

You guys are a little bit crazy aren't you?

Yes. But it's the good friendly kind, not the weird creepy kind.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes. You can use this link: unsubscribe or cancel your subscription from within your Paypal™ account. After unsubscribing your account will immediately change to the more limited "Free" account.


Questions not answered here, email: support (at) wylio [dot] com

Business related inquiries, email: business (at) wylio [dot] com

Community support, visit: The Google™ Group for Wylio

Best Practices

We're not the free picture police, but as a content publisher you should probably avoid using:

  1. Pictures of company logos or trademarks.
  2. Photos of recognizable people (close-ups) of whom you don't have a model release or at least verbal consent.
  3. Pictures that clearly are not owned by the up-loader.

It's always a good idea to educate yourself about the content you use. If you're unsure what Creative Commons is or why copyright is important, take a moment to find a few photos and read the "license" information on the credit page that appears when you click on the picture. The credit page is a great way to learn a little bit about the source of the image, the picture, the up-loader, and the license.